Wisdom Of Writer: The Best Description

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When you think about the power of details in writing, you’re probably considering two ways of doing it: you either try to create an image as detailed as possible so your readers can really visualize whatever you’re describing, or you just give a few important points and let the rest of it flourish in your readers’ minds.

After reading this quote by Stephen King I concluded that a combination of the two ways is probably the best approach:

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Wisdom Of Writers: The Purpose Of A Writer


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I gotta say this: when I firstly read this quote by Albert Camus I thought it is a total BS. But then I started to wonder why would such a smart dude say something like this.

We cannot even imagine how many emotions have been consumed thanks to writing. How much anger went into tons of pieces of paper and how much pain has been comforted by deep diving into a book. We know writing has this effect, but we cannot imagine the scale of it, which makes me thing this quote is very true:

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Wisdom Of Writers: The Tough Advice

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Anais Nin teaches us a tough lesson about what it means to be a writer. With this vision in mind, numbers don’t matter, nor do the readers. All that matters is how you feel when you write.

Although I mostly agree, there are areas where emotions cannot be omnipresent (and maybe they shouldn’t). What do you think?

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Handwriting Vs. Typing: An Ancient Battle

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How do you prefer to create your first draft? Do you love the old-fashion pen and paper or do you type away your thoughts right from the start?

Obviously, this cannot be an ancient battle since PCs are not that old. And if we think about the year 1829 as ancient (which is the year when the typographer was patented), then we can call this an ancient battle.

Nevertheless, let’s see the benefits of each approach.

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